About Salt Lake Zine

Salt Lake Zine is an ad hoc online and print zine by Salt Lake people. It’s also an ad hoc podcast and vlog and you can contribute to all three.

Much like the city and its surrounding area, it’s still being defined.

Or redefined.

You may contribute a page (or two) in the zine or a segment in the podcast or youtube channel; see the link under the Contact menu.

Stay tuned by lending your email (you may have it back any time).

What Is a Zine?

In the realm of self-publishing, zines represent a vibrant and accessible medium for sharing ideas, art, and narratives. Originating as a contraction of the word ‘magazine,’ zines are typically small-circulation, self-published works that range from handwritten mini-comics to professionally printed pamphlets. They offer a unique platform for creators to express themselves freely, without the constraints of traditional publishing.

The Essence of Zines

At their core, zines are about passion and expression. Historically, they have been used to document everything from social movements to personal hobbies, serving as a tangible form of communication among like-minded individuals. Unlike mainstream publications, zines thrive on their DIY ethos, often characterized by their raw, unfiltered content and eclectic design.

What Is Salt Lake Zine?

Salt Lake Zine is a collaborative zine. You may contribute your own page and when we have enough pages we’ll publish an issue and start on the next one. Pages will be available on our website and issues will be free to download. You may print your own copies or purchase printed copies mailed to you if you wish.

How To Make a Page For Salt Lake Zine

Creating a zine is an empowering process that democratizes the act of publishing. Here’s a simple guide to making your first zine page:

1. Choose Your Content

First, decide what your page will be about. Your zine page can be anything from a collection of poems, a short story, recipes, sketches, cut-and-paste collages or a mix of all these elements. Remember, there are no rules regarding content—what matters most is your passion for the subject.

2. Designing Your Zine Page

Once you’ve chosen your content, it’s time to design your zine page. All you need is a single sheet of printer paper or software. This simplicity makes zine-making highly accessible.

  • For those inclined towards digital creation, design your zine page using any standard graphic design software. Set up your document to 8×11.
  • If your zine contribution is more complex and involves multiple sheets, you may submit up to 2 pages.

4. Submit Your Page

Click CONTRIBUTE! in the top menu and submit your page along with a few details.


Zines are a testament to the power of self-expression and the beauty of handmade creations. Whether you’re a seasoned artist or someone just looking to share your thoughts and ideas, making a zine is a rewarding endeavor that connects you with a community of creators and their readers. Dive into the world of zines with nothing but your passion and creativity—where your voice can truly be heard.

Remember, the beauty of zines lies in their diversity and the personal touch of their creators. There’s no right or wrong way to make a zine, only your way. So grab some paper, brainstorm your ideas, and start creating today.